Risk assessment as an engineering tool for landfills

Risk assessment has been widely used as a tool for the development of waste management facilities. At the strategic level, risk assessment is used to inform decision makers about the planning process. As an engineering tool, risk assessment is used to optimize the mitigation measures required to prevent, control or minimize the risks to the environment from the site. The use of risk assessment techniques in landfill design and in uncontrolled dumps remediation / rehabilitation has provided remarkable results in terms of cost savings and environmental protection. This paper aims to present risk assessment applications in landfilling and thus to outline the key role of risk based engineering.

This is a publication made at WIT Waste Management 2002 Conference in Cadith and can be found at:


Why there is no incineration in Greece?

This is an article for the Argentinian magazine VIAL. This article has been based on the material I presented at 2008 ISWA Beacon Conference in Buenos Aires, as an invited speaker. The article contains also an introduction of the Change Ring tool for the evolution of waste management systems.

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